It always seems hard until you endure and get it done!

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use”

This year has been difficult for all of us. The Corona Virus (Covid-19) has affected everyone all around the world, where no one is safe. We’ve been in lockdown for a large chunk of this year. It hasn’t been easy for any one of us, when the lockdown was first announced I am sure many of you were devastated. But the important thing to remember is that you are not alone; there is always someone who has got your back.

I remember reading somewhere that we all are here on this earth to learn a lesson and be a better version of ourselves. Like a special recipe in a dish, it is that one special thing that makes us human.

While it may have made you feel all “cringe” like to read it, but I bet it was extremely comforting for you to read that.


The lockdown was a completely new experience for everyone, I am sure it was the same for you too. Staying home for a long time can be stressful for anyone, so if you have ever felt frustrated staying home for almost forever, know that it is the same all around the world. But you should at least feel safe if you have a home; just imagine the people who don’t have one.

Lockdown has taught me that maintaining your wellbeing is important. When I say that to you it means that you have maintain not only your physical self but also your mental health. You can have a routine where you can exercise, sleep, eat; anything that makes you feel good. If you need extra sleep on some days and don’t get up until 11am then great. Do what your body and your mind needs. If you can’t go out for a walk, just open the curtains at least. If you can’t get dressed or wash, simply praise yourself for getting up at all and facing another day. My ways of coping have included continuing the journals we used to do in the support group each week. Every Tuesday I’ve written the things I’m grateful for, the thing I struggled with most, what I learned from it, and the things I’ve achieved. I posted them on my blog every week since… to maintain that feeling like the group still exists, even if it’s only me in it.

I know some of us were on very unstable ground, some of us are just surviving and I want to assure people that that’s okay. That’s more than okay. That’s fantastic. So, in times like this staying home during lockdown is safe rather than getting the virus. Don’t you agree?

“You have to do whatever it takes to just survive this and come out the other side. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself to achieve things.”

The opportunity

As you know the pandemic have affected everybody and everything. Especially the people have been devastated. I am sure you have seen the news where people were getting laid off from their jobs, stores being robbed, etc. But hopefully the Covid-19 vaccines will help the world get back to its original track. The story is no different for a small country like Bhutan. But with the arrival of vaccines the country is hoping to revive back its old economy.

Don’t worry as long as you willing to get the vaccination, things will look good for your countries too.

So the big opportunity (topic) I mentioned above is AB-Ventures. It is a private startup company in Bhutan which is providing the unemployed people in the country an opportunity to start a new career. In times like this, Exciting right? Opportunities like these are the reason that gives people something to look forward to. Don’t you think the people will grab this chance, yes most of them will. The only thing that these people have to do is to put in some extra effort to start their new journey.

Just because times are hard sometimes doesn’t mean that opportunities will stop calling for you. Just like Bhutan the world is full opportunities. So, don’t give up. Even though I know you will not.

“A winner is someone who gets up one more time than he is knocked down”

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